Galactic Tour

Journey to other Galaxies! Choose from the following destinations. Andromeda Triangulum The galaxy far far away Pegasus (Tours currently suspended to this galaxy due to a small Waith problem) 999 Milky Way Credits

The Ruins Of Melmac

Vist the Galaxy famous ruins of Melmac.  Melmac was destroyed on Gary 71st, 45-7.  No cats allowed on this trip! 350 Milky Way Credits


Travel to one of 20 breath taking Nebulas the Milky Way Galaxy has to offer.  Featured Nebulas shown above. Email for complete list. 999 Milky Way Credits

Solar System

Journey though the Solar System, stopping to enjoy the wonder of all 8 planets and even Pluto! Your tour ship will stop and orbit each planet allowing optimal holo-photo taking opportunities. 425 Milky Way Credits